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Hello, this is my first EVER blog. To be honest, I haven't even read many blogs, maybe not even one, but I feel like I talk a lot, so here it is, I'' just put it out there and see if people want to read it. I really don't care if anyone likes what I say, or not, because I feel if they like it, they can read the next one, and if not, they can go away. My goal is to post once a week, I will try for Mondays as kind of a recap from the prior week and weekend.

So last week was teacher appreciation week...why don't we just freaking appreciate them all year long??? Teachers are not paid enough in our country and they are not respected enough in our community. My son has some MINOR special needs and we were lucky enough to get him into a special education center for assistance the prior two school years. At that school, he had the most amazing group of teachers who worked their butts off to ensure he made and met goals....he was 3 and 4, do you know how hard it is to set and meet goals with a child that young?!?!?! It is crazy what they are able to get their students to accomplish while dealing with rude parents, and following state guidelines and all while working to obtain additional supplemental funding. It is not fair at all! Frankly, it angers me. This year we lucked out with yet another amazing educator. Let me tell you they all go above and beyond, but the way Mr. B is with his class has really resonated with my son. He comes home and acts out the lessons of the day as if he is Mr. B and keeps all the notes and the clever crafty little holiday gifts from Mr. B in his "special stuff" keepsake box. Now, here is where I am going to be really real with y'all....yesterday was mothers day, the only gifts I woke up to were from Mr. B.... This man made sure all his 'kids' moms felt loved; he had them write the sweetest poem, make a beautiful art piece and they wrote and illustrated a book about their moms. And that was all my son had to give to me for mothers day, his dad did nothing (we are divorced so not a huge surprise) but my boyfriend also did nothing, (weird because I help with his two kids a whole lot). My sweet, sweet handsome Jase is a gifter, he knows his people, he knows what they like and his kind little heart wants to provide that from them, Jase is an intuitive little man, and he knew no one did anything for me and that they should of, but he also knew he had some surprises... When Jase brought me the gifts he made with Mr. B, his look of pride was beyond amazing, it was priceless, he hid those hand made items all weekend and delivered them so sweetly, it made my entire day. I love and will cherish these sweet gifts forever. Let that sink in for a minute, my son's teacher is the only 'man in my life' who helped my son get/make me a gift for Mother's Day, this man makes significantly less than the other 'male role models' less than he should/needs and buys the supplies for such holiday projects out of his own pocket, he's the one who came through. This man, unknowingly made my day, he is the one raising the kids he teaches to be good humans and being the example of just that. He deserves all the respect and all the appreciation, and all the thank you's I can send his way! 

It's always the thought that counts and teachers always think of the little things, they instill so many values into their kids. I don't feel entitled to anything on mothers day, but I do pour my heart and soul and entire life into being a mother, and the best one that I can be. I teach my son to be kind above all else and I am so lucky to have great teachers teaching the same thing! I guess the moral of my story is love your moms, teach kindness and appreciate your kids' teachers (not just on teacher appreciation week) SOMEONE GIVE OUR TEACHERS A HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE raise. AND I promise to never charge another teacher the BAC our office charges, they are doing big things I can do this little thing!


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